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Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Maxillofacial Prosthetics Gives Patients More Reasons to Smile

Dr. Gary Horblitt is a maxillofacial prosthodontist, which means he has the expertise to treat patients with severe health problems in the head and neck region—usually due to cancer, surgery, trauma, or birth defects.

In order to work within this sub-specialty of maxillofacial prosthodontics, prosthodontists like Dr. Horblitt must have an additional year of training exclusively in maxillofacial prosthetics. Treatment for these kinds of cases is usually multidisciplinary—often including the skills of head and neck surgeons, plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, doctors, oncologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, primary care physicians and other medical professionals.

Who needs maxillofacial prosthetics?

  • Patients missing a portion of their faces due to congenital conditions or traumatic injuries.
  • Patients suffering side effects from radiation therapy.
  • Patients who have lost a portion of their tongue.
  • Patients who have lost a portion of their jaws
  • Patients who have trouble speaking and swallowing due to neurological deficiencies.
  • Patients who need prosthetic replacements for surgically removed soft or hard palates in order to speak, swallow and eat.
  • People who are loosing fluid through their nose due to a whole in their palates
  • Patients who are dealing with oral cancer.

At Dr. Horblitt’s prosthodontic practice in Fairfield, CT, we treat a broad spectrum of maxillofacial prosthetics patients. For example, we’ve given care to patients who’ve experienced devastating trauma, cancer surgeries, severe infections, and neurological deficits caused by strokes. Dr. Horblitt and his compassionate team treat all their patients with dignity and respect, and work tirelessly to give these patients back their quality of life.

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Top Connecticut Dentist Recognized As A Top Dentist By CT Magazine 8 Years In A Row

Top Connecticut Dentist Recognized As A Top Dentist By CT Magazine 8 Years In A RowRecognized as a Top Dentist by CT Magazine 8 Years in a Row
  • "Dr. Horblitt and staff, I can't thank you enough for your help.  It was a positive experience, for once in my life, with a dentist that was unbelievably kind and knowledgeable.  We will always now come back after this! "

    Sam P. - CT
  • "My teeth look great!  Somehow you were able to correct all of the issues with the bridge that I had and I can't thank you enough!  I truly can say that this was the best thing I've done in a while...thank you"

    Kara S. - CT
  • "I had thought you were more of a specialist and didn't provide regular dentist work but I can definitely start to tell my friends now to come to you even for general teeth issues.  Thank you to you and your staff for getting me in and out of here with no issues."

    Peter B.

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